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Preparing Your Property for Rent: 7 Expert Tips for Landing Great Tenants.

As a landlord, managing tenant turnover is a crucial part of the rental process. When renters leave or you’ve just purchased a rental property, it’s important to prepare your unit for future property showings by ensuring it’s in top condition and priced competitively. Here are some tips to help you land great renters and minimize vacancies:

  1. Market your property effectively: Start advertising your vacancy right away by spreading the word to your network and posting on social media. Use attractive photos and create engaging property descriptions to appeal to potential renters.
  2. Repair or replace faulty items: Take advantage of the empty property to assess and replace any damaged appliances or furnishings. Check the life expectancy of items and make sure they are in working order.
  3. Inspect the property: Go over pre-move-in documents to identify any new damages and create a list of estimated repair charges for deductions from the security deposit.
  4. Hire professional cleaners: Use the services of professional cleaners to ensure your rental is spotless and smelling fresh. In the case of renters leaving the property in poor condition, charge them for cleaning fees.
  5. Replace the locks: To protect new renters, replace the keys and install new locks or consider using electronic locks for convenience.
  6. Renovate the property: Add value to your unit through renovations such as repainting, landscaping, creating more storage space, and mold remediation. This can attract new renters and increase rent.
  7. Address any pest infestation: Pest infestation is a common tenant complaint, so take steps to reduce it by issuing proper trash bins, cleaning routinely, and arranging regular extermination services.

If you have little time to spare and value your freedom, consider hiring a trusted property manager to help with essential property solutions and property management services. Contact True Acre Properties today for more information.


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